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Online language lessons

Online lessons are ideal if you:

  • cannot always attend a lesson in the same place
  • have an irregular schedule
  • do shiftwork
  • need an intensive, quick course
  • need personalized instruction for a specific purpose

You can learn your target language anywhere you can get online

  • from any country, city, coffee shop or village in the world!
  • be comfortable in the surroundings of your choice
  • there is no cold, academic feel to the environment
  • you get person to person learning, not just software, apps or grammar books
  • chatting is easy and natural

Natural, conversational language

  • memorizing rules does not make people bilingual
  • no spectators, no strangers, no anxiety
  • you will speak to learn, not learn to speak
  • you don't have to be an academic person who always got A's in school
  • interactive instruction means you get immediate, personal feedback
  • you will develop real spoken proficiency

Great resources

  • enjoy the guidance of a skilled and experienced teacher who has also learned other languages (the company director has studied about 20 languages!)

We believe that progress should not be measured by what you have studied, but instead, by what you can actually do with your target language. So we always focus on the language patterns and vocabulary that are most frequent and most useful. This means that the results can come sooner and your ability to communicate in real, practical ways will come more quickly than you might have ever imagined.

Prepare yourself to travel, build new friendships and expand your world by becoming bilingual, even if you feel like you have no talent for languages. Take a new approach, and see how much fun it can be!.

For additional general information about our classes, see the Language Over Coffee page.

When & where?

Online classes are made to fit your schedule and level of language skill. Call to arrange a plan that works for you.

How much?

  • an excellent value per dollar!
  • no long-term commitment (you pay for just 10 hours at a time)
  • for only $30 an hour per person you get personalized instruction.
  • pay with a credit card, PayPal or your own bank's email money transfer system
  • payment due before the first session.
  • Registering is easy!

    Call (250) 554-4422 (Kamloops) or (604) 781-2000 (Vancouver), or follow the links below to pay with a credit card, Interac or PayPal.

    You can also pay by using your own online banking service.

    You can pay your tuition through your own online banking service if you deal with either BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Scotiabank, RBC Royal Bank, or TD Canada Trust.

    You will need to send your full tuition including GST.

    Instructions can be found be clicking here, or on the logo below.

    Credit card payment

    You can also pay your tuition with most common credit cards.

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