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Keith Swayne's Guide to Raising Bilingual Children

You can be confident that your family will be bilingual

Imagine living in a beautiful castle and spending your whole life in must one room. This is your life with only one language. This is your family with only one language.

Discover the simple steps that families in your community are using successfully to raise their children with two or more languages. Learn how to:

Westcoast Families magazine article
  • Make sure your child speaks another language.
  • Help kids speak -- not just understand -- another language
  • Get started with confidence
  • Help your child become fluent in a language, even if you don't speak it yourself
  • Connect your child with another culture
  • Increase your child's lifelong earning potential and career opportunities
  • Improve your child's overall academic performance
  • Open the doors for your child to rich personal relationships with family and friends around the world
  • Protect and promote your family's heritage language

Come and get information and inspiration you need to get started and to maintain a bilingual family.

This one-day program will prepare parents, grandparents and other caregivers to raise bilingual children and teens.

  • Call (250) 554-4422 (Kamloops) or 604-781-­2000 for upcoming dates and locations.

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